Things to do today: breathe.

If, like me, you are a working person and have responsibilities to home, family, pets, etc., then we must try to remind ourselves each day that we are not just people attached to daily to-do lists. We are also made up of many intangibles - things we can't always put into words easily, but which are intrinsic to our very natures.

What is in your heart today? Out of each 24 hours, is it possible to take five, ten or even fifteen minutes to sit quietly without interruption in order to listen?  By practicing inner listening, we can maintain our connection with our intangibles and nourish them.

In sumi-e or calligraphy, practicing just five minutes of quiet listening before making your ink calms the mind, helps to focus attention and refine intent for painting. The results of your practice are a direct manifestation of your preparation. Please try it.