Year of the Earth Dog

Welcome to 2018!

This year is going to be a busy one. I'm always looking for teaching opportunities and I continue to teach at East Wind Ottawa and the Ottawa School of Art. I've also decided to devote serious effort to producing new works and to find ways of onnecting with people who are interested in them.  I love to create and Sumi-e is my genre.  I'm stretching the traditional boundaries to make things that appeal to our contemporary lifestyles but that still carry the traditional elements that are so recognizable as being part of the Zen legacy. Stay tuned for that.

Do you have a favourite hobby or special talent?  How much time do you spend doing it?  In 2017, I took a long look at what I have been doing that brings me joy, and made a commitment to doing more of it in 2018.  I began to reduce and eliminate stuff that was getting in my way. What about you?  Can you spend a little more time with the things in your life that truly bring you joy?  Do that today.